Scene 15

Arden, his bandmates, and Ebaneen walk along the half-hallway that looks down on the audience area below.
They stop at the first closed door.
I think this was it.
They slowly open the door... and inside see club owner Wes and the three judges Cliff, Lezlie, and Tyrus smoking weed talking nonsense.
You four have been holed up in here the whole time?!
The group slowly turns to acknowledge the intruders.
What the fuck do you want, Arden?
Argh. I'm gonna need another hit if I have to go back out there.
Wes stands and wobbles over to the doorway.
(spaced out)
Arden, did you get that money...?
Arden slams the door in his face. He shakes his head as the group starts back down the hallway.
An old hand-written sign on the door reads “BLACK ROOM – BANDS ONLY!”
Arden, Richie, F.F., Turk, and Ebaneen stand nervously in front of the door. White smoke bellows out and strange noises emanate from the other side.
What the hell would they be doing in there all this time, anyway?
Are they... practicing?
Getting wasted!
Ulrich knew Ivor pretty well. You don’t think...
Maybe they’re demons too...
Arden looks around and sees an old sink and loose plumbing outside a bathroom. He pulls out a loose piece of pipe.
Well demons or not, this is our best chance at getting ourselves out of this mess...
He slaps the pipe in his palm. A little too hard - he winces.
ARDEN I suggest you all arm up before we bust down the door.
Ebaneen, Turk, and F.F. each grab a piece of steel pipe.
Richie gets stuck with a cheap piece of PVC. Turk looks at him encouragingly.
They say that stuff’s just as strong as steel.
Really? Cool.
Arden aims his shoulder at the door. He dramatically holds up three fingers, then starts counting down. The others match his attack position.
Okay gang - let’s knock this baby down! Three... two... one... GO!
The group screams and rushes the door.
The handle mechanism pushes right open – it wasn’t even locked.
Still screaming, the group plunges into the smoke-filled room. They land clumsily on the floor.
They go silent. At first, they can see nothing. Then the smoke clears... and they see a glowing light. Delicate clicking noises sound from inside the smoke.
The smoke dissipates further. Arden and his bandmates find themselves surrounded by ULRICH (42) and his three beefy, bearded and tattooed bandmates in RECTAL REGURGITATOR.
Ulrich and his bandmates don’t notice the group - because they’re playing the video game Metal Destroyer while wearing headphones. They giggle and click away at their controllers.
Arden scowls.
What in the living fuck?
He looks around and sees the source of the smoke - a fog machine. He flips the switch and the smoke stops.
Ulrich looks over - first noticing the waning smoke, then seeing Arden and his crew. He pulls off his headphones.
What the hell...? Do not tell me that we missed our stage call.
His bandmates take off their headphones and stand. The imposing band members speak with thick German accents.
Who fucked up my bonus round?!
No fair! They said we could play until they come for us. Right, Ulrich?
Arden stands, facing Ulrich.
Sorry to mess up your game, guys. And yes, you missed a lot. Oops!
Richie, F.F., and Turk stand as well. They try to look tough.
You’d better be sorry. We take this serious!
Yeah, well while you were all... getting warmed up or whatever... Tatterdemalion had itself a little catastrophe.
A mix of curiosity and dread crosses the faces of Ulrich and his band.